I failed, but i’m coming back…


As you can see; the whole writing a short story every day thing really didn’t work out for me… However, I don’t want to give up on writing these stories, and I intend to still write a story based on every prompt on my list. I have realised though, that setting myself strict time constrictions just makes me stressed, and means that the work I produce is nowhere near what I want it to be, so instead, I will write these stories at my own pace, whenever the inspiration hits me.

I hope you still want to have a read of them whenever they seemingly appear.

Thanks, and apologies!

Rehana 🙂



So this is my new blog, for my short story a day challenge I’ve set myself.

I hope you enjoy whatever my brain spurts out on here…

Depending on how this all goes, I may choose to also add commentaries about the writing process occasionally/ my own blogs/ a bit about my inspirations… that’s all a maybe at the moment though- so just read the stories!

Rehana xx